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Fig. 793: Lateral View of the Right Facial Canal, Medial Wall of the Tympanic Cavity, the Semicircular Canals and the Auditory Tube
    Air cells, mastoid|乳突蜂巣 Artery (arteries), caroticotympanic|頚鼓動脈 Artery (arteries), carotid, internal|内頚動脈 Artery (arteries), meningeal, accessory|副中硬膜枝 《動脈》 Artery (arteries), occipital|後頭動脈 Artery (arteries), ophthalmic|眼動脈 Artery (arteries), pharyngeal, ascending|上行咽頭動脈 Artery (arteries), retinal, central|網膜中心動脈 Artery (arteries), stylomastoid|茎乳突孔動脈 Artery (arteries), tympanic, inferior|下鼓室動脈 Artery (arteries), tympanic, posterior|後鼓室動脈 Artery (arteries), tympanic, superior|上鼓室動脈 Bone(s), stapes|アブミ骨 Canal(s), facial|顔面神経管 Canal(s), facial, view of, lateral|訳語 Canal(s), semicircular|半規管 Canal(s), semicircular, anterior|前半規管 Canal(s), semicircular, lateral|外半規管 Canal(s), semicircular, view of, lateral|外側から見た半規管 Cells, air, mastoid|乳突蜂巣 Dura mater|硬膜 Ear|耳 Ganglion (Ganglia), ciliary|毛様体神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), geniculate|(顔面神経の)膝神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), inferior, of vagus nerve|迷走神経の下神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), otic|耳神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), otic, rami to chorda tympani nerve|鼓索神経への枝 Ganglion (Ganglia), pterygopalatine|翼口蓋神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), sympathetic, cervical|頚部の交感神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), sympathetic trunk|交感神経幹神経節 Ganglion (Ganglia), trigeminal|三叉神経節 Mastoid air cells|乳突蜂巣 Membrane, stapedial|訳語 Muscle(s), levator veli palatini|口蓋帆挙筋 Muscle(s), pterygoid, medial|内側翼突筋 Muscle(s), stapedius|アブミ骨筋 Muscle(s), tensor tympani|鼓膜張筋 Muscle(s), tensor veli palatini|口蓋帆張筋 Nerve(s), caroticotympanic|頚鼓神経 Nerve(s), chorda tympani|鼓索神経 Nerve(s), facial|顔面神経 Nerve(s), glossopharyngeal, pharyngeal branch|咽頭枝 Nerve(s), infraorbital|眼窩下神経 Nerve(s), laryngeal, superior|上喉頭神経 Nerve(s), nasociliary|鼻毛様体神経 Nerve(s), nasociliary, branch of|訳語 Nerve(s), oculomotor|動眼神経 Nerve(s), ophthalmic, frontal branch|前枝 Nerve(s), ophthalmic, lacrimal branch|涙腺枝 Nerve(s), optic|視神経 Nerve(s), petrosal, greater|大錐体神経 Nerve(s), petrosal, lesser|小錐体神経 Nerve(s), pterygoid, medial|内側翼突筋の神経 Nerve(s), pterygopalatine|翼口蓋神経《翼口蓋神経節との交通枝》 Nerve(s), stapedial|アブミ骨筋の神経 Nerve(s), to digastric muscle|顎二腹筋への神経 Nerve(s), to pterygoid muscle, medial|内側翼突筋への神経 Nerve(s), to tensor tympani muscle|鼓膜張筋への神経 Nerve(s), to tensor veli palatini muscle|口蓋帆張筋への神経 Nerve(s), trigeminal, root of, motor|三叉神経運動根 Nerve(s), tympanic|鼓室神経 Nerve(s), vagus, auricular branch|迷走神経の耳介枝 Nerve(s), vagus, pharyngeal branch|迷走神経の咽頭枝 Plexus, carotid|内頚動脈神経叢 Plexus, pterygoid|訳語 Plexus, tympanic|鼓室神経叢 Plexus, tympanic, branches to cochlear and vestibular windows|訳語 Root(s), motor, of trigeminal nerve|三叉神経の運動根 Sheath(s), dural|硬膜の鞘 Sinus(es), maxillary|上顎洞 《副鼻腔》 Sinus(es), sphenoid|蝶形骨洞 《副鼻腔》 Sympathetic trunk ganglia|交感神経幹の神経節 Tendon(s), of tensor tympani muscle|鼓膜張筋の腱 Tube, auditory|耳管 Tube, auditory, mucosa of|耳管の粘膜 Tube, auditory, view of, lateral|外側観 Tympanic cavity|鼓室 Tympanic cavity, wall of, medial|鼓室の内側壁 Tympanic plexus|鼓室神経叢 Vein(s), cerebral, middle|訳語 Vein(s), jugular, internal|内頚静脈 Window, cochlear, branches of tympanic plexus to|鼓室神経叢の枝 Window, vestibular, branches of tympanic plexus to|訳語