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Fig. 797: Right Auditory Ossicles
    Bone(s), incus, body of|キヌタ骨体 Bone(s), incus, crus of, long|キヌタ骨長脚 Bone(s), incus, crus of, short|キヌタ骨短脚 Bone(s), malleus, head of|ツチ骨頭 Bone(s), malleus, process of, lateral|外側突起 Bone(s), stapes, base of|訳語 Bone(s), stapes, crus of, anterior|前脚 Bone(s), stapes, crus of, posterior|後脚 Canal(s), semicircular, lateral|外半規管 Crus (Crura), anterior, of stapes|訳語 Crus (Crura), long, of incus|訳語 Crus (Crura), posterior, of stapes|訳語 Crus (Crura), short, of incus|訳語 Ear|耳 Ear, malleolar processes of|訳語 Ear, middle ear, ossicles of|耳小骨 Joint(s), incudomalleolar|ツチキヌタ関節 Joint(s), incudostapedial|アブミキヌタ関節 Malleolar processes, of ear|ツチ骨突起 Manubrium, of malleus|ツチ骨柄 Ossicles, of middle ear|耳小骨 Promontory, of tympanic cavity|鼓室の岬角