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Fig. 799: The Vestibular and Cochlear Windows of the Right Tympanic Cavity
    Canal(s), facial|顔面神経管 Canal(s), facial, prominence of|訳語 Cochlear window|蝸牛窓 Ear|耳 Eminence, pyramidal|訳語 Fossa, of cochlear window|訳語 Fossa, of vestibular window|訳語 Membrane, tympanic, secondary|訳語 Nerve(s), facial|顔面神経 Nerve(s), tympanic|鼓室神経 Prominence, of facial canal|訳語 Promontory, of tympanic cavity|鼓室の岬角 Promontory, of tympanic cavity, subiculum of|訳語 Pyramidal, eminence, decussation of, tympanic|訳語 Sinus(es), tympanic|訳語 Subiculum, promontory, of temporal bone|訳語 Sulcus (Sulci), promontory, of temporal bone|訳語 Tympanic cavity, window of, cochlear|蝸牛窓 Tympanic cavity, window of, cochlear, vestibular|前庭窓 Tympanic membrane, secondary|訳語 Tympanic sinus|訳語 Vessels, tympanic|鼓膜の動静脈 Vestibular window|前庭窓 Window, cochlear|蝸牛窓 Window, vestibular|前庭窓