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[db-026] : ラット下垂体ACTH産生細胞の発生−BrdU/ACTH二重免疫染色による定量的

#A ラット下垂体ACTH産生細胞の発生−BrdU/ACTH二重免疫染色による定量的
#B Ontogenesis of rat pituitary corticotrophs
#E1 谷口/豊
#F1 たにぐち/ゆたか
#G1 Taniguchi/Yutaka
#J1 金沢医科大学医学部第2解剖
#K1 かなざわいかだいがくだいがくぶだいにかいぼう
#L1 Department of Anatomy, Kanazawa Medical University
#E2 瓦井/康之
#F2 かわらい/やすゆき
#G2 Kawarai/Yasuyuki
#J2 金沢医科大学医学部第2解剖
#K2 かなざわいかだいがくだいがくぶだいにかいぼう
#L2 Department of Anatomy, Kanazawa Medical University
#M ラット,下垂体,発生,ACTH産生細胞,免疫組織化学,ブロモデオキシウ
#N rat, pituitary, ontogenesis, corticotroph, immunocytochemistry,
#T Postnatal development of pituitary corticotrophs was
quantitatively studied at 3, 7 and 28 days after birth. Neonates
and young Wistar rats of both sexes were injectced with
bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU), 100mg/KgBW 1h before sacrifice.
The pituitaries were taken out and fixed in Bouin's fluid for 2
days and embedded in paraffin. Sections of 2mm thick were
consecutively immuno-stained with anti-BrdU and anti-ACTH.
The number of cells labeled with anti-BrdU, anti-ACTH or both
of them was counted and their number per cubic mm of the
tissue (Nvb, Nva, Nvd) was calculated. The area of the
sections taken at regular intervals from each pituitary was
measured and the volume of each pituitary was calculated.
The number of cells in each pituitary (Nb, Na, Nd) was also
calculated. During the period studied the Nvb and Nvd
decreased remarkably but Nva decreased slightly. Na increased
by 5.5 times. The ratio of Nd/Na was 4.8%, 1.8% and 1.7% at
3, 7 and 28 days, respectively. These data indicate that mitosis
of existing corticotrophs contributes significantly to the increase
of them during this period.
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