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[db-037] B70 : ニワトリ胚子・肢芽の筋発生

#Z B70
#A ニワトリ胚子・肢芽の筋発生
#B The development of the muscles in the limb buds of chick embryos.
#E1 平野/茂樹
#F1 ヒラノ/シゲキ
#G1 Hirano/Shigeki
#J1 新潟大学医学部解剖学講座
#K1 ニイガタ ダイガク イガクブ カイボウガク コウザ
#L1 Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, School of Medicine, Niigata
#E2 車田/正男
#F2 ノリタ/マサオ
#G2 Norita/Masao
#J2 新潟大学医学部解剖学講座
#K2 ニイガタ ダイガク イガクブ カイボウガク コウザ
#L2 Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy, School of Medicine, Niigata
#D 〔目的と方法〕四肢の筋の発生を検討するためにlacZ組み替えアデノウイル
原基細胞に発現するPax3の in situ ハイブリダイゼーション標本(奈良先端科学技
#M 肢芽、筋前駆細胞、細胞移動、筋節、LacZ遺伝子組み替えアデノウイル
#N limb development, muscle progenitor cells, cell migration, myotome,
LacZ-recombinant adeno virus, Pax3
#T For the observation on the development of muscles in limbs, the labe
ling of somites with LacZ-recombinant adenovirus, and in situ hybridization
of Pax3 that expressed on the muscle progenitor cells for limbs were
performed on chick embryos (LacZ-recombinant adenovirus was given by Dr.
Okado, Tokyo Metro, Inst. Neurosci. and hybridized embryos were given by
Dr. Takahashi, Nara Inst. Sci. Tec.). The procedure of the labeling with
the adenovirus was as follows; At first, adenovirus-suspended buffer was
injected in the lumen of the spinal cord and in the somitocoeles by the
grass needle at H-H stage 17~21. After reincubetion, they were fixed with
4% paraformaldehyde in PBS. Then they were incubated in the substrate of
X-galactosidase, and were cleared in glycerin to make the whole mount
 Pax 3 in situ materials revealed that the level of the somites
served the limb buds with the muscle progenitor cells, corresponded to the
brachial and lumbosacral plexus. In H-H 17, Pax3 expression cells appeared
in upper limbs and in H-H 19, they appeared in lower limbs. Embryos at H-H
stage 20 or older, no Pax3 expressing cells were observed in the ventral
lips of somites faced to the upper and lower limbs. In the case of the
virus labeling of somites, labeled myoblasts appeared only when the
labeling was done before stage 19 (upper limbs) and 20 (lower limbs),
respectively. Further, tow groups of Pax3 expression cells were observed in
the hind limbs at stage 23. Femoral nerves developed under the anterior
groups and sciatic nerves developed under the posterior groups,
respectively. The labeling of the mesenchyme cells in the limb buds with
the adenovirus revealed that the shank muscles developed from the posterior
groups. Peroneal nerves prolonged under the surface of peroneal muscle mass
and extended to further distal of limb buds, however, no branches
projecting among the muscle fibers were observed. On the other hand,
sensory fibers terminated to the under surface of the skin. These
observations suggested that the migration of muscle progenitor cells
performed at H-H 17 and 18 in upper limbs and H-H 19 in lower limbs,
respectively. It was also suggested that their migration was controlled by
the same mechanisms of the formation of the neve plexuses. However, in the
present observations, the developmental relationships between the muscles
and the peripheral nerves could not be indicated.
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