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[db-053] 1P085 : 変異種マウス・ラット口蓋ヒダの形態異常

#Z 1P085
#A 変異種マウス・ラット口蓋ヒダの形態異常
#B Palatal ruga anomalies in chromosomally abnormal and mutant mice and rats
#E1 安田/峯生
#F1 やすだ/みねお
#G1 Yasuda/Mineo
#J1 広島大学医学部解剖学第一講座
#K1 ひろしま だいがく いがくぶ かいぼうがく だいいち こうざ
#L1 Department of Anatomy, Hiroshima University School of Medicine
#E2 津金/瑞代
#F2 つがね/みずよ
#G2 Tugane/Mizuyo
#J2 札幌医科大学医学部解剖学第二講座
#K2 さっぽろ いかだいがく いがくぶ かいぼうがく だいに こうざ
#L2 Department of Anatomy, Sapporo Medical University School of Medicine
#D マウスやラット口蓋の口腔側粘膜には8〜9対の
#M 口蓋ヒダ,異常,マウス,ラット,トリソミー,ミュータント
#N palatal rugae, anomalies, mouse, rat, trisomy, mutant
#T The oral surface of mouse and rat palates is characterized by 8 or 9
transverse ridges, or palatal rugae. In the present study, we examined
palatal ruga anomalies in genetically abnormal mice and rats. Near term
fetuses of trisomy 16 mice (a mouse model for human trisomy 21, provided by
Dr. Shinichi Miyabara of Saga Medical School) had severely altered ruga
patterns such as deletion, median division, shortness, and maldirection.
Trisomy 14 fetuses (with high incidence of cardiac anomalies, provided by
Dr. Miyabara) showed mild anomalies with supernumerary rugae in the
posterior part of the palate. Hairpin tail mutant mouse fetuses (provided
by Dr. Miyabara) exhibited rare anomalies such as cross and medial fusion.
Postnatal day 10 young of Uchida rat (a mutant of which heterozygotes have
small eyes resulting from a mutation in the Pax-6 gene, provided by Dr.
Michio Fujiwara of Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.).had rugae with
division, peakless, discordance, and supernumerary. These findings
indicate that the pattern of palatal rugae is a good phenotypic marker for
observation of mutant mice and rats.
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