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[db-097] 1A06 : 糖輸送体GLUT5細胞膜局在のキメラ分子を用いた解析

#Z 1A06
#A 糖輸送体GLUT5細胞膜局在のキメラ分子を用いた解析
#B Targeting of fructose transporter GLUT5 in polarized epithelial cells
#E1 高田/邦昭
#F1 たかた/くにあき
#G1 Takata/Kuniaki
#J1 群馬大学生体調節研究所
#K1 ぐんまだいがくせいたいちょうせつけんきゅうしょ
#L1 Institute for Molecular and Cellular Regulation, Gunma University
#M フルクトース輸送体,上皮細胞,キメラ分子,GLUT5,免疫細胞化学,細胞膜
#N fructose transporter, epithelial cells, chimeric molecules, GLUT5,
immunocytochemistry, plasma membrane
#T GLUT5 is a fructose transporter localized at the apical plasma
membrane in the absorptive epithelial cells in the small intestine. To
investigate the molecular mechanism for the specific localization of GLUT5
at the apical plasma membrane, GLUT5 cDNA was transfected into Caco-2 human
intestinal epithelial cells. The expressed GLUT5 was localized at the
apical plasma membrane in Caco-2 cells. When glucose transporter GLUT1 was
transfected, it was found at the basolateral membrane. These observations
show that the information could be present in the transporter molecules
themselves which direct the polarized localization of them. To determine
which part of the molecule is important in such polarized targeting,
chimeric cDNA's ( GLUT1-GLUT5 chimeras and a GLUT5-GLUT1-GLUT5 chimera)
were constructed and transfected into Caco-2 cells. Immunocytochemical
examinations showed that a cytoplasmic domain spanning between putative
transmembrane domains 6 and 7 appears to play a pivotal role in
apical-basolateral sorting in Caco-2 cells. This work was done in
collaboration with Drs. K Inukai (Asahi Life Foundation), and Y Oka
(Yamaguchi Univ.) .
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