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[db-102] 1P098 : ラットのプロラクチン分泌機構に及ぼす甲状腺ホルモン、

#Z 1P098
#A ラットのプロラクチン分泌機構に及ぼす甲状腺ホルモン、
#B Effects of gonadal steroids in juvenile ovariectomized
thyroidectomized rats on PRL secretion
#E1 山内/洋
#F1 やまのうち/ひろし
#G1 Yamanouchi/Hiroshi
#J1 和歌山県立医科大学第一解剖学教室
#K1 わかやまけんりついかだいがくだいいちかいぼうがくきょうしつ
#L1 Department of Anatomy, Wakayama Medical College
#E2 椎野/昌隆
#F2 しいの/まさたか
#G2 Shiino/Masataka
#J2 和歌山県立医科大学第一解剖学教室
#K2 わかやまけんりついかだいがくだいいちかいぼうがくきょうしつ
#L2 Department of Anatomy, Wakayama Medical College
#D 昨年度、出生直後の甲状腺除去が新生ラットのプロラクチン(PRL)
#M プロラクチン,下垂体,甲状腺ホルモン,エストラジオール,
#N prolactin, pituitary gland, thyroid hormone,
estradiol, progesterone, haloperidol
#T The effects of hypothyroidism induced by propylthiouracil(PTU)
treatment on PRL messenger ribonucleic acid(mRNA) levels
were analyzed in adenohypophyses of juvenile ovariectomized
and steroid treated female SD rats by Northern hybridization
analyses. The interaction of single injection of DA receptor
antagonist(haloperidol) on PRL gene expression was also determined.
The PTU treatment for 28 days produced a significant decrease in
PRL mRNA in all rats treated with gonadal steroids. The treatment
of estradiol for 14 days (200microg/kg BW sc./day) caused remarkable
increase of PRL secretion as well documented before. It was interesting
that progesterone (20mg/kg BW sc./day), it was known to have no direct
effect on mammotrophs, maintained the estradiol-induced high level of
PRL mRNA in pituitary in thyroidectomized rats. The results of
radioimmunoassay showed that single injection of haloperidol regulates
the release of PRL. The effect on PRL mRNA level by haloperidol was
not observed. The regulation of PRL release by haloperidol was not
influenced due to thyroid status. These results suggest that
there is an indirect mechanism of progesterone on regulation of PRL
gene expression independent from thyroid status and effect by DA.
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